Previously known as Lemco, the Bubye Valley Conservancy (BVC) is a privately owned 850,000 acre wild life reserve situated in the south central part of Zimbabwe.

 The Bubye Valley Conservancy is one of the finest hunting concessions to be found anywhere in Africa, and remains one of the few areas where hunting among the big 5 is still possible. There are 8 exclusively booked hunting camps situated strategically on the concession to ensure that hunters are placed in the correct ecosystems for maximum possible success of desired species sought.

Dangerous and plains game hunting within the conservancy is of the highest free range standard, offering a very diverse variety of huntable mammal species. The Bubye Valley Conservancy is the perfect destination for all hunters and wild life enthusiasts alike, including hunters wanting to bring families and children.

Access to the Bubye Valley Conservancy is easiest via Johannesburg (South Africa) to Bulawayo (Zimbabwe), then an easy 4hour road transfer to the safari area. Alternatively air charters can be arranged.