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None of this work would be possible without the help and support of many people and organisations…

The Bubye Valley Conservation Research Project is a non-profit organization, incorporated in the U.S., that strives to achieve practical conservation through focused and relevant research. The project accepts contributions from both individuals and institutions, and all funding goes directly toward running the project. Donations are tax-deductible. Federal Tax Identification Number: 47-2943606.

To contribute to our conservation efforts, please make a donation by clicking on the PayPal button here:

If you would prefer to make a bank transfer, please contact Tracy:

Special thanks to:

BUBYEVALLEYCONSERVANCYsml The BVC Shareholders, without whose support none of this conservation would be possible

BEIT-TRUSTsml The Beit Trust , who paid for Byron and Matt’s scholarships to the University of Oxford, as well as the advanced radio communication system to the anti-poaching unit. (And obviously also for Beit Bridge!)

RHODES-TRUST The Rhodes Trust , for Paul’s scholarship to the University of Oxford

DALLASSC-LOGOsml The Dallas Safari Club , for supporting our lion research since the beginning

SCI-LOGOsml The Central Ohio Chapter of SCI , for committing support to our lion research for the next few years

THANKS-DSC Steve Chancellor, for always believing in our research

THANKS-HarrisJunell Harris Junell, for donation of the project research vehicle

THANKS-KenHarrison Ken Harrison, who donated the first lion collar to the project

THANKS-MartinandPete Pete Fick and Martin Nel, the Dagga Boys, for donating this website – as well as supporting us from the very beginning; raising crucial funds through their contacts, and stepping up with their own money to cover any shortfalls

Major Contributors:

Jack Mayfield

Richard Coats

Kelly Lafay

Brad Muhl

The West Texas Safari Club

Donors and Supporters:

Pete Fick

Said Baarma

Clete Brewer

Shaun Buffee

Kennon Cantley

Tony and Nancy Foyt

Brent Hein

David Langerman

Ade Langley

Randy Martin

Dr John Mauldin

Lou McMillan

Martin Nel

Jody Newell

Mike Pack

Mike Palmer

John Sharp

Dr Lars Svensson

Nigel Theisen
Conservation Force

The Falcon College Natural History Society

The Osprey Filming Company

Save Foundation

Ram Petroleum


If you would like to support our conservation research in any way, please contact Matt at:

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