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Our research efforts rely entirely on the help and support of conservationally minded people who know that what we do is for wildlife and the greater functioning ecosystem. As the project gains momentum, wear and tear from years of use means that some equipment needs replacement; and as the project grows, new equipment is required to ensure that we can make the most of the research.


Specific Requirements:

WISHLIST-Collars20150116 Lion Satellite Collars (GPS)

It is not possible to observe every lion all the time, and satellite collars produce the bulk of our data on lion behavioural ecology. They provide accurate information on home range and territory size, identify kill sites, discover who is interacting with who, and the outcome of these interactions, follow dispersers on the journey from their natal territory to where they eventually settle, and the list goes on… And they allow us to find the lions whenever we want, and observe them at will. Collars have a life-span of only about a year, and so need to be continuously replaced to ensure that the data collected is unbroken. These are critically important to our research.

2016 Quantity required: 20


If you are able to provide any of the above, please let Matt know so that he can arrange delivery details and remove the item from this list – and of course formally thank you. Matt can be contacted at:

If you would like to support our conservation research in any other way, please also get in touch with Matt.


Already Donated:

WISH-GPSETrex Garmin eTrex 10 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator

These rugged little GPS’s may be simple, but they are hardy and light on batteries – and most importantly, our scouts are trained to use this particular model. (Quantity required: 3)


2016-01-16: Kindly sponsored by Brent Hein


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